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Mechanisms of embryo-maternal

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Eckhard Wolf, Genzentrum der LMU-München

Unit 478

Project 1:

Transcriptome changes of the endometrium in early pregnancy: local signaling effects, role of interferon tau, signaling of nuclear transfer embryos

Eckhard Wolf, Helmut Blum, Horst-Dieter Reichenbach

As a basis for the systematic analysis of embryo-maternal interactions in bovine we have characterized estrous cycle-dependent transcriptome changes in oviduct epithelial cells and endometrium. The investigation of embryo-induced transcriptome changes in the endometrium was focused on the pre-attachment period (Day 18). In two different in vivo models we compared holistic transcriptome profiles and the expression of candidate genes between pregnant and non-pregnant animals. These experiments revealed hundreds of transcripts, which were significantly altered in their abundance by the presence of an embryo. Based on these findings we will perform an in-depth analysis of specific aspects of embryo-maternal communication.

The work program includes:

  • Characterization of local interaction mechanisms in different stages of early pregnancy using GFP-transgenic embryos

  • Systematic analysis of interferon-tau effects

  • Study of a model for disturbed implantation and placentation

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